Wedding Tip - How to pick a perfect bridesmaid dress

Sunday, May, 29 2016   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When picking out your bridesmaids dresses make sure you take all the girls into consideration, but don't throw out what you want entirely. Here is a handy wedding checklist when you decide to pick out your bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid Dress Wedding Checklist:
1. Pick the color - something that can be flattering on all the girls
2. Uniformity - do you want the exact same dress for everyone?
3. Pick the style of their dress based on your own dress - not too matchy matchy, but a cohesive theme.
4. Outline the dress - this will help in fitting your bridal party
5. Pick the specifics of the top - do you want strapless, halter, boat neck, etc?
6. Pick the specifics of the skirt - do you want mermaid, a line, long and flowy, etc?
7. Accents and accessories - make sure the accessories tie in well with you and their dresses.

Hope this bridesmaid dress wedding checklist helped you out!

bridesmaid dress tips

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Wedding Tip - Don't forget about dad

Saturday, May, 28 2016   •   Etiquette   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Don't forget about your dad- On your special day it's easy to get caught up and forget about some of the most important people to us. After the ceremony is complete don't forget to kiss your father goodbye and say thank you, it will mean a lot and will also make for a great photo and memory to have.

parents on wedding day

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Tip - Keep An Open Mind

Friday, May, 27 2016   •   Planning   •   by Dynamite Weddings

When starting to try bridal dresses, it's a good idea to have images of gowns that you like from magazines, photos, etc. Also try to keep an open mind and try on at least a few gowns that differ from your assumed style. You may be surprised with how much you like the dress or at least find new elements about the gown that you are attracted to (sweetheart neckline, fabric color, lace, beading, train length, etc.).

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Ask Marvin - Why a 2nd Photographer?

Thursday, May, 26 2016   •   Ask Marvin   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Dear Marvin,
I don't get it. What's the deal with having a second photographer at your wedding. I mean, I want good pictures and I want to be happy with my album but is it REALLY worth having a second person at your wedding to spend the money? I'm not convinced.
One vs. Two?Dear One,
Here's the thing. Two eyes are always better than one right? So two SETS of eyes can be even more fabulous. It really is up to you how many people you have shoot your wedding. Many people like to have two there so that various angles can be captured. One really good reason to consider having two is if you are having a planned first sighting. This will allow one photographer to capture your expression while the other is capturing your FI's. This is not to say you can't fabulous wedding pictures with just one photographer. You totally can! It just gives you another option! Best of luck in your decision making!

Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Tip - Football Colors

Wednesday, May, 25 2016   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Does your hubby want your wedding colors to be the same as his favorite football team's, but you can't fathom the thought of red and gold 49ers running around? I am sure you can come to a nice little compromise that will make you both happy. Instead of the gold and red, try white and gold with little hints of red florals. This way he can feel like he has his manly team with him and you can have your beautiful feminine wedding decorations!

Photo courtesy of Magic Mud

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Ignite the Flame - Dance the Night Away

Tuesday, May, 24 2016   •   Ignite the Flame   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Women love a man who can if you didn't take dance lessons for your first dance at your wedding...why not make it a Friday date followed by dinner! You just might find that waltzing brings out a fiery woman just as easily as swaying those hips to a latin beat.

Photo courtesy of The Memory Journalists

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Wedding Trend - Green Dream

Monday, May, 23 2016   •   Decorations & Favors   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Going green is a trend sweeping the wedding industry. Brides & grooms are opting for eco-conscious in many ways; some are just trying to cut down on their carbon footprint while others intend to host a completely organic day. Whatever your level of commitment to going green is, there are so many options now for your way to achieve your green dream. Evites, recycled paper products, sustainable seafood, local organic ingredients, donation favors to a green cause,succulents as favors or incorporated into bouquets, local blooms with intermixed greenery, earth-friendly venues.Trend provided by Dynamite Weddings
Photo courtesy of Allison Stahl Photography

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Wedding Trend - Wedding Turn Table DJs/Specialty Music

Sunday, May, 22 2016   •   Music & Entertainment   •   by Dynamite Weddings

A live band is always the most classic and elegant way to present music at your wedding, but turntables are making their way back. The problem with live bands is that they sometimes can't play an array of music. They usually stick to a couple of genres and this doesn't always gel with diverse guests at the wedding. Try looking for a specialty DJ or someone who knows you and your guests. They will be able to personalize the music for your day!

Try Exquisite DJs for an amazing wedding day DJ!

wedding music

Photo provided by the memory journalists

Exquisite DJ is a Dynamite Wedding Expert

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wedding tip - don't forget your florals between photos

Friday, May, 20 2016   •   Florals   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Be sure to store your florals appropriately between photo opps and ceremony to reception travel. Don't leave your bridal or bridesmaid bouquets in a warm limo, laying on a table, in direct sunlight, etc. or you will have wilted florals for the remainder of the evening and for photos.

Photo provided by Allison Stahl Photography

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Wedding Trend - Bridesmaid Matching Saris

Thursday, May, 19 2016   •   Wedding Attire   •   by Dynamite Weddings

Colorful cultural weddings are very inviting! So inviting that some non-Indian weddings are even incorporating this culture for the love of the traditional colors. Saris have become a vibrant trend as bridesmaids dresses. Saris can come in matching dramatic colors or you can have the same design with different colors. Some brides even have their maid of honor or close sisters in one color and the rest of the bridesmaids in another color but keep the design the same. Would you have your bridesmaids wear saris at a non-Indian wedding?

Bridesmaid Matching Saris

Photo courtesy of Perez Blog

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